How chill am I?

For my data visualization project, I wanted to explore how “chill” I am. With such a subjective topic I had to somehow quantify the aspects of being chill. First, I only looked at leisure time as stressful activity would have too much bias and sleep is hard to quantify in terms of chillness. So I divided my leisure into 3 categories: Chilling alone, chilling with 1-2 other people and chilling with a group. Whenever these times would occur I/people around me would complete short surveys. The questions were “how relaxed was I?”, “How much pleasure did you feel?”, “How enjoyable was spending time with me?”. I gave these surveys intermittently and averaged all the survey questions in each category. I then averaged my averages for each survey to come up with the mean chillness in each category for each day. My next step was using these scores in a proportion with time coming up with a total chillness score. Each Bar graph shows the average among averages for each day as well as the Chillness score. I can conclude that I am pretty chill but I also found some interesting trends. When I was in a bigger group of people I tended to be less chill than alone or with only a couple of people. In addition, ¬†toward the weekend I became more and more chill as a result of being less stressed from school. Overall, this data visualization project had good results for me as it reassured that people liked to be around.

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