Haven’t I heard that before?

Credit to Elliot Feldman

As I was sitting trying to grasp a specific theme I really struggled picking something both original but not to boring. I first tried the idea of losing someone ranging from a family member all the way to losing yourself. However, I couldn’t get the songs to fit so frustratingly I took and went with my friend to dinner. He began humming the song “Blurred Lines” and being the nerd I am I said to him “You know Robin Thicke just ripped off a Marvin Gaye song”. That’s when it hit me to create to a playlist of songs where the beat or guitar riff was ripped. In addition, the songs span over a long period of time starting from 1950s blues to modern pop. The idea behind my theme is that it truly is hard to come up with something unique and throughout the history of music artists continue to take beats from the past. In addition, the wide variety of genres showed the interconnectedness in music. In a class where we focus a lot making sure all of our work is cited correctly the music industry faces continued with more and more songs sounding alike. ¬†Click here to access the playlist.




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